Faculty of Law

What does it take to be a good lawyer? Regardless of your background, we are committed to creating an environment in which you can absorb all the necessary theoretical insights into many areas of law practice. In our program, you will interact with judges, attorneys and other legal practitioners on a regular basis. Thus, in addition to our top-notch curriculum, your experience with our law program will expose you to new ways of learning that recognize the importance of self-learning, group discussion, case studies, externships, and legal clinic.

  • The self-learning component allows you to access our server to download all the necessary reading materials in advance so that you can prepare before coming to class.
  • The group discussion, led by your professor, challenges you with all sorts of questions to ensure that you have grasped the fundamentals of what you have read.
  • Case studies will then provide you with ample opportunities to analyze real cases decided by our different courts. This exercise will ultimately shape your legal reasoning.
  • The externship component requires that you spend a minimum amount of time at a work place, usually at law firms, court rooms, or other institutions. The externship will give you some initial idea of what lawyering is all about.
  • The legal clinic component will have you work on real cases being handled by your work place supervisor (attorneys, judges, legal consultants, or high ranking officials). Exposing you to real cases will help you develop a good sense of what is required to become an ethical and respectable legal practitioner.

With all that we provide to you, we are certain that you will have confidence in formulating the best answer to the opening question above.

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