Maintain the highest of academic standards and professional ethics
Be courageous and principled and encourage others to do the same with honesty and accountability

Embrace diversity of opinions, skills, knowledge and backgrounds Embody tolerance in our interactions with our community

Inspire self-discovery, problem-solving and creativity Work together for positive change for society

About Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is the central pillar within the structure of the University of Puthisastra.

The policy, strategy and principles of operation of Academic Affairs are derived from objectives, which are to follow the mission and vision of the University of Puthisastra.

Five objectives serve as guidance for the operation of Academic Affairs:

  1. Quality and up-to-date curriculum
  2. Quality students
  3. Quality lecturers
  4. Quality supporting materials
  5. Industrial attachment.
To achieve the above objectives, Academic Affairs should have an appropriate structure and operate with an efficient system.

The efficient system in which Academic Affairs operates consists of effective policies, principles, and regulations that all make the structure of Academic Affairs functioning in an efficient and stable way. Besides the structure and system within Academic Affairs, there is additional support provided by the Office of Operations and the Office of International Affairs.

The structure of Academic Affairs is constituted by Faculties, Department of Foundation Year, Academic Office, Projects, Professional & Executive programs, and student clubs.

At the present, the University of Puthisastra has six faculties: Faculty of Economics & Business, Faculty of Science & Technology, Faculty of Arts & Languages, Faculty of Social Sciences & Law, Faculty of Rural Development & Agriculture, and Faculty of Health Science. So far, all faculties offer only undergraduate programs and students are required to pass an entrance exam in order to be admitted to any program.

All faculties have to follow quality principles by placing the quality curriculum in the center. To ease the integration of the new students into faculties, the University of Puthisastra has created the Department of Foundation Year. From this department, the students can receive advice on requirements and necessary courses. On the other hand, the Department of Foundation is responsible for interacting with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, and the ACC so that the university programs are in line with the policies of those governing bodies. For administrative work in Academic Affairs, the Academic Office is established to provide services to lecturers and students such as class assignments, teaching and learning facilities, exam preparation, student transcripts, etc.

To develop hard and soft skills of students in addition to the courses, the University of Puthisastra has created student clubs. This program offers services like student counseling in addition to other extracurricular activities where students can join in different group activities and clubs.
Along with this, students and lecturers are connected with the projects that the University of Puthisastra conducts in partnership with external institutions. This will give opportunity for them to improve the quality and update their knowledge.

The last component of Academic Affairs is the Professional and Executive Course Program. The University of Puthisastra introduced this program in 2009 in order to institutionalize its role in contributing to quality education to the society and general public. In this program, distinguished lecturers and guest speakers are invited to provide invaluable knowledge and analysis to students, scholars, business people, and public officials.
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